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KANTHA- Indian Ethnic Wear Collection

Prints Preserving Heritage

Fashion is frequently viewed as a mirror of the times. It allows us to express our personality, culture, and values. 'Drishti and Zahabia' stands out in the evermore bustling landscape of Indian fashion with their remarkable blend of tradition and modernism. The brand's ethos is inspired by the rich regal and historical textiles of India, which they incorporate into their creations. This fusion of traditional and modern clothing demonstrates their dedication to preserving Indian cultural heritage while pushing the boundaries of contemporary style.

KANTHA - Designer Luxury Lehenga Set

The brand, founded seven years ago by a dynamic duo driven by a passion for transforming women's apparel, has revolutionised how we perceive Indian clothes for both men and women. Their collections of pantsuits and jumpsuits celebrate womanhood, breaking away from traditional gender norms.

SUZANI Collection- Women's Designer Luxury Ethnic Wear

'Drishti and Zahabia' primarily serves as a print-oriented contemporary women's and men's clothing label. Prints are this brand's unique selling point, and they take great pride in curating vibrant and extensive collections of print-oriented apparel for men and women. While it retains the timeless appeal of traditional Indian attire, it also brings together fresh and novel design trends. What distinguishes this brand is its commitment to treasure the delicate craftsmanship of Kantha embroidery. Each garment in their collection is a monument to their embroiderers' talent and expertise, with exquisite patterns and designs that capture the soul of this ancient Indian artistry. 

Women's Designer Ethnic Wear

'Drishti and Zahabia' strongly embraces the concept of comfort dressing in a world where fast fashion consistently prioritises trends over comfort. The commitment to breaking stereotypes is at the heart of the label. The founders recognised a dire need to break free from the constraints of uncomfortable yet costly clothing for women. In response, they launched a groundbreaking collection of clothing that is not only easy to wear but also luxurious in appearance. Their objective is to present customers with a wardrobe that consists of both fashionable and comfortable clothing options, encouraging people to feel confident and liberated in their own skin. Ethnic co-ord sets make mixing and matching an enjoyable experience, allowing you to readily express your individual style. The traditional Indian kurtas, sharara sets, and anarkali sets have been subjected to a modern makeover with exquisite prints and rare designs that are suitable for both everyday wear and special events. 

 It's about appreciating your culture while still holding on to your uniqueness. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into their collections and let your wardrobe reflect your signature style as well as the timeless beauty of Indian designs.

- by Arya Vats 

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